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MagyarOnline.net Fórumok >> USA >> Kalifornia: Színes egyéniségek a politikában
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 andi_usa  módosítás |   válasz erre |   profil |  2003-08-12 05:14   
Ma egy érdekes kérdést tett fel egy demokrata vitatkozo egy TV show-n egy itteni demokratának, ha Bustamente mint demokrata és vice governor támogatja a demokrata kormányzot, akkor miért jelentkezett a governor poziciora? Hogy lehet valaki a kormányzo lebukatatása ellen és mégis a poziciojára pályázik egy huzamban?

Ezen a vitán meg is lett emlitve, milyen fajta sárdobálás lessz Schwarzenegger ellen, az 1972-ben elhunyt apja állitolagos náci multja és a nözési vád...

 andi_usa  módosítás |   válasz erre |   profil |  2003-08-11 17:25   

 andi_usa  módosítás |   válasz erre |   profil |  2003-08-11 00:03   
MAGYAR HIREK amitöl a hajam égnek áll..


Schwarzenegger apja náci volt
Grazban máris gyoztesként ünneplik
RTL Klub Híradó - Bártfai Gergely
2003-08-08 17:32:52

 andi_usa  módosítás |   válasz erre |   profil |  2003-08-10 21:11   
CompuServe News:

Over 130 File to Run for Calif. Governor

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) - More than 130 Californians took the once-in-a-lifetime shot to run for governor Saturday in the state's recall election as Democrats successfully whittled their own field to one major backup candidate in case Gov. Gray Davis is ousted.

Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi, under pressure from fellow party members, dropped out two hours before the filing deadline, leaving Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante as the only prominent Democrat on the ballot. That raised party officials' hopes of hanging onto the governor's office if the unpopular Davis is voted out Oct. 7.

If voters turn the governor out of office, Bustamante will compete against a field that includes last year's gubernatorial runner-up, Bill Simon, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, former baseball commissioner Peter Ueberroth - all Republicans - and columnist Arianna Huffington, an independent.

The field also includes former child actor Gary Coleman, comedian Gallagher, porn czar Larry Flynt and Angelyne, a buxom artist whose likeness appears on billboards around Los Angeles.

Despite the onslaught of wannabes aiming to run the nation's most populous state, Davis remained confident Saturday.

``Many people are trying to become the governor. I am the governor,'' Davis said to laughter after a bill signing at a health clinic in Santa Monica. ``Whether the people of the state want me to stay 60 days or three-and-a-half years - as hopefully they will eventually decide - I am going to do my level best to improve their lives every day I have.''

A new Time-CNN poll released Saturday, however, showed voters leaning toward recalling Davis.

Fifty-four percent said they would vote Davis out, while 35 percent were opposed. Of the better-known candidates, 25 percent chose Schwarzenegger, 15 percent chose Bustamante, while others were in single digits. The poll of 508 voters was conducted Friday and has an error margin of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

Davis, who has seen his approval ratings plummet in recent months, is the first governor of the Golden State to face a recall.

Voter anger has been building since the state's 2000-2001 energy crisis. Since then, Californians have witnessed the decline of the state's technology sector and a record $38 billion budget deficit, which triggered a tripling of the vehicle tax, forced college fees to rise as much as 30 percent and has threatened state employees with layoffs and pay cuts.

If the campaign against him succeeds, Davis would be only the nation's second governor to be recalled. In 1921, North Dakota voters ousted Gov. Lynn Frazier as banks were failing, crop prices were plummeting and Frazier was mired in allegations of promoting radical socialism.

The final casting call for the nation's political blockbuster unfolded Saturday, as more than a quarter of the 505 people who took out applications to run turned in their necessary papers to get on the burgeoning ballot.

By day's end, more than 130 people had filed to run, according to an Associated Press survey of counties. The official number of candidates who will appear on the ballot won't be until released until the secretary of state certifies the paperwork Wednesday.

To get on the ballot, candidates had to either pay a $3,500 filing fee and submit signatures of at least 65 registered voters or submit 10,000 voter signatures to skip the fee.

Schwarzenegger arrived at the Los Angeles County recorder's office with his wife, Maria Shriver, to the shrieks of gawkers. He vowed to be the people's governor as he signed autographs.

``I will be there for everybody, young and old, men and women alike. It doesn't make any difference,'' he said.

Schwarzenegger greeted Huffington, who arrived at the same time to file. She and Shriver hugged.

Huffington called for more fuel-efficient vehicles and noted that Schwarzenegger had arrived in an SUV while she arrived in a hybrid vehicle. There were a few boos and cries of ``Arnold, Arnold.''

Ueberroth, who also was chief organizer of the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, said he could bridge the gap between Democrats and Republicans. The Republican businessman said he would only serve the three years remaining on Davis' term, which is up in January 2007.

``We're not going to run any negative ads. We're not going to trash-talk the other candidates,'' Ueberroth's consultant, Dan Schnur, said after campaign papers were filed in Orange County.

Brisk activity at county election offices across the state capped four days punctuated with bombshell announcements, beginning when the state's most popular politician, U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, brushed aside efforts to draft her as a Democratic backup to Davis.

That was trumped by the Hollywood moment: Schwarzenegger walked onto the stage of the ``Tonight Show with Jay Leno'' Wednesday and announced his candidacy after his aides said he was leaning against running.

The following day, Bustamante and Garamendi broke earlier pledges not to run and announced their intentions in the state capital.

Later Thursday, Republican Rep. Darrell Issa, who bankrolled the recall effort with $1.7 million of his own money, tearfully announced in San Diego that he would not run. Former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan said he wouldn't run and endorsed Schwarzenegger.

It took 897,158 voter signatures - 12 percent of the total number of voters in the previous gubernatorial election - to get the recall election approved. The secretary of state's office has estimated the special election will cost California taxpayers $67 million.

The recall ignited passions that were evident during a clash Saturday in Sacramento between anti-recall forces and recall proponents. Police said there were no arrests after some pushing and shoving.

The opportunity to become the state's chief executive had fired political aspirations in all corners of the state that had ``only in California'' written all over it.

Flynt entered, along with a bail bondsman, a discount cigarette chain owner, a medical marijuana activist, porn actress Mary Carey and Michael Wozniak, a retired Oakland police officer who says the centerpiece of his effort will be legalizing ownership of ferrets as pets.

Mathilda Karel Spak, 100, said her age shouldn't hamper her chances of winning the election.

``I've made plans until 105,'' the centenarian said. ``Then I'll take things easy.''

08/10/03 04:40

 andi_usa  módosítás |   válasz erre |   profil |  2003-08-10 04:41   

Die Steirische Eiche: "Es wird eine ziemlich blutige Kampagne werden."


Mr Bush will spend two days in California next week, although his official spokeswoman, Claire Buchan, said she saw no prospect of him campaigning with Schwarzenegger, who served as fitness tsar in the White House for the president’s father.


Schwarzenegger summed it up in his 1977 autobiography, "Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder."

"I knew I was a winner. I knew I was destined for great things. People will say that kind of thinking is totally immodest. I agree. Modesty is not a word that applies to me in any way," he wrote.

Doch die Aufmerksamkeit gilt mittlerweile ohnehin nur noch einem der Kandidaten: dem Muskelpaket Arnold Schwarzenegger. Ein Porträt eines chronisch Unterschätzten.

- gegen Arnold hatte er keine Chance. Der muss sich nicht vorstellen, kein Profil entwickeln - er ist ein globaler Star, unterstützt von einer ehrgeizigen, politerfahrenen Ehefrau, die sich für die Dauer des Wahlkampfes von ihrem Job bei der NBC-Nachrichtensendung "Dateline" beurlauben ließ. In der Wahlkampf-Zeit werden keine Schwarzenegger-Filme mehr im Fernsehen gezeigt - unlauterer Wettbewerb.

 andi_usa  módosítás |   válasz erre |   profil |  2003-08-08 21:58   

His personal life also turned out to be a success. After dating Maria Shriver for eight years, they finally got married in 1986. Niece to former president John F. Kennedy and therefore part of the Kennedy legacy, Maria had now brought an avid Republican to the forefront.

Schwarzenegger was often seen alongside president George Bush during his administration, as Chairman of the President's Council on Sports and Fitness.
A rock-ribbed Republican despite his marriage to JFK's niece Maria Shriver (with whom he has four children), Schwarzenegger was appointed by George Bush in 1990 as chairman of the President's Council of Physical Fitness and Sports, a job he took as seriously and with as much dedication as any of his films. A much-publicized investment in the showbiz eatery Planet Hollywood increased the coffers in Schwarzenegger's already bulging bank account.

 andi_usa  módosítás |   válasz erre |   profil |  2003-08-08 21:35   

"Gray Davis was born in New York City on December 26, 1942. He attended Stanford University, graduating with distinction in 1964 with a degree in history. He went on to Columbia University Law School in New York where he won the Moot Court award in his freshman year. He graduated from Columbia in 1967 and then clerked at the law firm of Beekman & Bogue in New York City."

Most keresek Arnold Schwarzenegger adatokat is.

 andi_usa  módosítás |   válasz erre |   profil |  2003-08-08 18:09   
Ne felejtsük el, hogy Ronald Reagan is elöbb demokrata volt, de Nancy vette rá, hogy lépjen át és mint Republican lett governor is.

Engem is meglepett Arnold párttagsága, de még nem találtam arrol leirást, hogy ö miota Republican. Viszont teljesen nem volt távol eddig sem a politikátol, hisz egy ideje már egy fiatalsági sport egység szonokja volt vagy talán vezetö szerepe is abban?

Az eddig emlegetett kandidátusok közül nyilván Schwarzenegger a legnépszerübb és engem nem lepett meg a politikai ambicio melynek gyökerét a beházasott családbol eredönek nézem.

A jelenlegi kormányzo eredményei annyira katasztrofálisak, hogy akárki mást választanak meg, rosszabbat nem tud müvelni! Lásd Bill O'Reilly (Fox News)tegnapi talking point-ját.


"Now I don't care who the next governor of California is, as long it isn't Davis. He lied to the folks, bankrupted the state, bought votes, and avoided solving problems. The people have a right to toss him out on his keester. And if Gary Coleman is the new governor, so be it. He couldn't do a worse job."

Tény az, hogy amiota ez a Democrat governor van itt Kaliforniában, a helyzet csak rosszabb lett! Mivel kezdte Davis? A nép megszavazta és az elötte lévö Republican kormányzo is támogatta, hogy illegálisan ittlevö szülök gyereke ne legyen (ingyen) iskolába engedve. Davis ezt kidobta és vissza terelte a gyerekeket. Ki fizeti azt, ha nem az illegálisan itt levö szülök mivel illegal alien nem fizet adot? Ki fizeti a többi ehhez kapcsolodo szociális dolgokat? Hány millio ember fejte az állambol a szociális segélyeket anélkül, hogy hozzá járultak voltak a kasszához? Miért kap minden mexikoi nevü gyerek ingyen college tuitiont és az amerikai gyereke nem? Tapasztalatbol irom, megtörtént eset. A kislány mégis megunta és kiugrott, nem tanult tovább.

A TV müsör Dateline hozott két titkosan filmezett esetet is olyan dolgokrol, ahol a mexikoiak bent ülnek az ügyintézö irodában s vasalják ki a dolgokat. Mikor kihozták azt a rendeletet, hogy papirt kell bemutatni, vagy születésit vagy bepolgárososdást vagy letelepedésit a hajtási igazolványhoz, a Dateline mutatta, hogy a mexikoi haverok hogy fasirozták át a nem meglevö adatokat a computerben! Most azon dolgoznak a törvényadok hogy illegal alien is kapjon hajtásit! Nekünk mindannyiunknak uj hajtasit kellett csináltatni pár éve hogy ne lehessen olyan könnyen hamisitani mint azelött mikor Los Angeles utcáin árulták ezeket a social security kártyával együtt. Erröl senator Dianne Feinstein is meggyözödött, találtam arrol egy website-t is.

Nem rég emlitették hogy az LAPD (Los Angelesi rendörség) az egyike azoknak akiknek rendelete van, hogy nem szolhatnak amiatt be az illetékes hatoságoknak ha elkapnak egy bünözöt aki illegal alien. Pedig van egy törvény arra miszerint kriminálist ki lehet innen toloncolni. Amelett az illegális határátlépés is criminal offense, törvény szerint. Olvastam, hogy mikor Davis pénzbeli segitséget kért Clintontol az üres államkasszára, arra kapott hogy rugassa ki a illegálisan itt tartozkodokat. Davis sose tette, ö mindig támogatta a mexikoiakat, hisz ott ül mellette a Bustamente is.

Davis alatt történtek a villany lekapcsolások is amit 25 év alatt elöször tapasztaltam!

A napokban emlegették hogy Hoover elnök a 30-as évek depresszioja alatt kitoloncoltatta az illegal alien mexikoiakat s voltak közte olyanok is akik közben bepolgárosodtak, azok inditottak most pert jovátétel miatt!

Minden esetre érdekes lessz a kampagne idö oktober 7-ig, de maga a választás is, remélem ezuttal többen mennek szavazni!

 rigojanos  módosítás |   válasz erre |   profil |  2003-08-08 17:11   
2003-08-08 16:59, hunor:

Igen, nagyon ugy tunik, hogy szabad a vasar. Erdekes helyzet, amikor Arnold tunik (elso latasra) legkompetensebbnek valamiben, amihez oltonyt kell felvenni.

Nem elek Californiaban, tehat kozvetlenul nem erint az ugy, de nem mindennap fordul elo, hogy a politika es a szorakoztatoipar ennyire osszemosodjon. Schwarzenegger ertelmesnek tunik (amennyire ezt par komolyabb hangvetelu interjubol meg lehet itelni), hogy a kormanyzosagra mennyire ratermett persze nem tudhatom. Az o esete mar csak azert is erdekes, mert a Republikanus part szineiben indul, holott a felesege (es annak csaladja lasd. Kennedyek) mindannyian a politikaban jartas Demokratak.

(A csaladi barbecuek nyilvan szorakoztatoak naluk )

 hunor  módosítás |   válasz erre |   profil |  2003-08-08 16:59   
A california kormanyzovalasztas erdekes jelolteket vonultat fel. A Terminator es a szexlap-kiado egy kioregedett gyerekszinesszel versenyez a szavazatokert. Vajon ki lesz a legnepszerubb?
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